Born: January 8th, 1947.
Real name: David Robert Haywood Jones
Family: Margret (Peggy) Mary Burns (mother), Haywood Stenton (John) Jones (father),
Terry Burns (brother), Myra Ann Burns (sister), Anette Jones (sister).

From Diamond Dogs to a glam alter ego out to save the world from destruction, David has done it all.
David Bowie's music started when his brother, Terry, brought him to Soho introducing David to Jazz, the
Beat poets and Jack Kerouac.
David then started taking saxophone lessons with Jazz musician Ronnie Ross. This was also when David met
Peter Frampton who's father, Owen Frampton, was David's art teacher at Bromley Technical High School.

David and his friend, George Underwood, then started their first band. It was called The Kon Rads. David
called himself Dave Jay. The bands name later changed to The Hooker Brothers.
The Hooker Brothers never took off as they would've hoped to. So, David and George Underwood created
another band call The King Bees. This band included Dave Howard, Roger Black, and Bobby  Allen. Finally,
they released a single, 'Liza Jane/Louie Louie go Home'. This was David's first recording. After recording their
second single, 'You're Holding me Down/I've Gotta', David left to join The Manish Boys.

The Manish Boys were booked to tour with Gene Pitney, Gerry and the Pacemakers, The Kinks and
Marianne Faithful. During all of that, they released a single, 'I Pity the Fool/Take my Tip'. They then
appeared on 'Gadzooks! It's all Happening' on the BBC. After less then one year, The Manish Boys
broke up and David joined The Lower Third.

The Lower Third consisted of Dennis Taylor, Grahams Rivens, and Phil Lancaster. TLT released 1 single
in their short career,'Can't Help Thinking About Me/And I Say to Myself' David also released 3 solo
singles during this time, 'Do Anything You Say/Good Morning Girl', 'I Dig Everything/I'm Losing You',
and 'Rubber Band/The London Boys'. As fate may have it, The Lower Third broke up on January 29th,
1966. David then advertised for some new musicians. He got Derek Fearnley, Derek Boyes, and John
Hutchingson. David sacked them all after 10 months.
On April 14, 1967, David released his 4th solo single, 'The Laughing Gnome/The Gospel According to
Tony Day'. After that (on April 25, 1967), David signed a 5 year management contract with Ken Pitt.
Finally, on June 1, 1967, David released his first LP, 'David Bowie'. He was the first British
artist to ever record an album without first having a hit single. On June 11, David moved in to
Ken Pitts flat at 39 Manchester Street, London.

On July 14th, 1967, David released his 4th solo single. Love You Till Tuesday/Did You Ever
Have a Dream?.
On September 13th, David made his first film. It was 14 minutes long and he spent 3 days working on it.
It was called, Images.
Here is where a great event in David's life happened. In my opinion, it has affected his style and music in
many ways. On November 10th, 1967, David started taking mime classes taught by Lindsey Kemp at The Dance
Centre in Covent Garden. Lindsey then asks David to write some music for Pierrot in Turquoise.

In 1968, David and Lindsay Kemp presented Pierrot In Turquoise to Rose Hill Theatre, Mercury Theatre,
and Little Theatre.
Around this time, was when David met Hermione Farthingale. David's first 'true' love. They met each other. It
is said they met when filming the BBC TV play The Pistol Shot, I think perhaps they had met earlier though.
In August 1f '68, David and Heromione moved to a flat at 22 Clareville Grove in South Kingston. Soon, they
meet up with Tony Hill and created the mime/dance act Turquoise.

This group brought David and Hermione very close.....perhaps too close. Turrquoise soon changed to
Feathers and Tony Hill was replaced by John Hutchinson.

During their career, Feathers appeared at The Round House, Hampstead Country Club, The Arts Laboratory
(Dury Lane, London), Sussex University, and again at The Round House. This was when things started to
go wrong between David and Hermione. She wanted to become a ballet dancer and she left David to
pursue her aspirations. It is said that she changed her name and didn't make it on the ballet circuit.
David was absolutely heart broken. He really did love her. David designed Feather's act around Hermione's
dancing. Some people say they'd make the perfect couple.....I think they did, but Hermione just couldn't
let her dreams go.
With Hermione gone, Feathers made one last appearance at Sussux University on February 11th, 1969 and
that was that.
 At one of Feathers appearances at the Round House, they were seen by Angela Marie Barnette and Calvin
Mark Lee. Angie describes David as Very pretty. Beautiful actually; his hair cut and permed in tight little
curls around that fallen angel's face, his body lithe and strong, his muscular dancer's legs in tight, reveal
all trousers, his sexy ass, his natural grace.....A lovely man, I thought. Fans' heart's would flutter.

Angie's intention's that night were supposedly good. She wanted to help Calvin Mark Lee (one of
her bedmates and, might I add, David's too) to get David into the music business.
During all of this chaos with Feathers, David felt that his sources of income weren’t large
enough to suit his needs. So, he therehence took a job as an operator of a photocopying machine
at Legastat, which was a stationary shop in Carey Street.

About the eyes: David Bowie, (if you didn't already know) has two different sized pupils. This happened
in the Spring of 1961. David and George Underwood got into a fight over a girl. Underwood was wearing
a ring and when he struck at Bowie, it hit him in the eyes. David was out of school for 8 months. He had
several surgeries to try to fix his eyes, but they could only salvage the right eye leaving the left pupil
permanently dilated. If you were to look through that left eye, it would look brownish and blurred going
into a blind spot in the center. Ironically, this has become a 'trademark' of Bowie. Note: after the fight,
David got the girl!

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