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Oldies BUT Goodies Website
John Lennon
Fifties History
History of the 50's Rock'n Roll, with pictures, and a brief bio about the musicians.
Sixties Yearguide
Yearguide about the 60's; everything that happens, date of the events, films, books etc.
Seventies Almanac
Is the same of Sixties Yearguide, including sport winners & news highlights.
Search By Artists
Biography about the oldies musicians. Plus! Midi Collection & Lyrics.
Wallpaper of the 50's, 60's and 70's musicians.
Elvis Presley
12 real audio files, updated every month.
Midi Collection
Midi Collection.
Oldies Radios
Listen them live from U.S. Need Real Player.
Jerry Lee Lewis
Rarity Session
Rarities from the ObG archives, to you!
Vote the Best Music
What's the best music in your opinion?
Classic Cars
Every month a new classic car picture and wallpaper.
Drive In
Look out the drive-in!

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